Jul 19, 2016

7 mistakes we should avoid at all cost!

Well, to get the perfect pre-wed bridal shoot at least.

Ps. Once in a lifetime right?


1) Not meeting the photographer beforehand

Sounds obvious but you really do need to have a great relationship with your photographer. They will be with you, close hand, on one of the most important days of your life, so it’s important to have a great relationship with them.

Here at Te Planner, we understand your needs and wants before meeting the photographer with you to relate any missing elements over the conversation. It is important that all our bridal couples experience the plush and enjoyable pre-wed photography experience, while leaving all the hustle and bustling to us.


2) Not having a proper time schedule

Every good wedding photographer knows that a schedule is key. Not only will it help you plan out your day and ensure you get the right shots, it also serves as a guideline to the bridal couple and helpers where necessary. However, without proper communication, it’s easy to miss some of the key elements on the timeline and, in the excitement of the day, many photographers veer off track. While there is some room to add a few minutes here and there, especially to special, unplanned events, it’s important to stick to your schedule as diligently as possible.

We ensure that you, the bridal couple, feels at ease with a properly scheduled photography timeline, where you are given the chance of enjoying a shooting session instead of having to worry about arriving at the next location on time.


3) Not having a shot list

Whatever you do, don’t forget to give your photographer a list of your must-have shots. Give some thought to these, this is your chance to get across to your photographer exactly what you have planned for your big day, the story you are looking to tell to your guests. Photographers are not mind readers, so if you really want a specific picture taken, let them know well in advance.

At Te Planner, we understand you, the bridal couple, through our various conversations on the elements you love, the style that you adore, and do the appropriate recommendation of location from our #lookbook. However, always do take note, regardless of location, style, must-have shoots, it is important that these portrays the real inside you, to achieve the most natural smile and #smize!


4) Scrimping on makeup artist

In my opinion, a fabulous make-up artist is worth their weight in gold. They’ll make you feel wonderful and will really add value to your images, particularly any close up shots. Make-up artists are well trained individuals but do make sure you have a trial prior to your day!


5) Non-directional photographer

Most people aren’t used to being in front of a camera in a formal setting. While they may be fantastic at taking selfies or feel relaxed in front of a camera in a leisurely setting – a pre-wed shoot can be different. For the bride, it’s her time to shine and she wants to know that she’s going to look as beautiful as possible. This is a lot of pressure for those who are camera shy or not used to being the centre of attention. In order to get the best shots possible the photographer must direct the bridal couple.

In the situation where this component is lacking, our team that travels along with you on your shoot will remind and communicate with the photographer to reemphasize the importance of reminding how beautiful the bride is. #youknowyouarebeautiful


6) Equipment Failure

If the photographer drop a lens at the wedding, or his/her camera stops working, it doesn’t matter how expensive it is, he/she have to hold back the tears and carry on shooting.

It’s essential to double up on all your kit so that if something breaks or fails you have a back-up.

Having two cameras has the added advantage of allowing you to swap quickly between focal lengths without having to change lens.

Just mount one optic on one camera and another on the other and switch between the two cameras as you want.

If you don’t own two cameras or have sufficient overlap of lens focal length, consider hiring (or borrowing) what you need for the day.

At Te Planner, we bring along a Canon digital camera, in case all else fails, and we will still want the photographer to take #superlicious images of you!

7) Forgetting the details

Being free of the official togging duties means that the photographer can focus on getting shots that tell the full story of the bridal couple.

Photograph the incidentals that the bride will have spent a long time choosing; the gown, the shoes, the wedding rings.

Try to compose the shots as you would a normal still life or macro shot to create images that the bride and groom will want in their album rather than take straight record shots.


Now, with the above 7 mistakes to avoid at all cost, you are indeed ready to engage a photographer, knowing what you want and need to look out for!

Happy Wedding!


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