Aug 07, 2016

How Your Star Signs React In Love

Wondering how your lover (particularly those of different signs) is not reciprocating as much as you want them to? Perhaps, you are looking at a different way of love.  Today, we share how different signs love differently.














No big sacrifice is too big for an Aries in love!

Aries play hard, life hard and play hard. Put your all in the little lamb and this lamb will give back his/her all to you. Remember, beneath an Aries feisty exterior is a lover who will do anything and everything for you.














Taurus-es are simple people.

Taurus love to own, touch and eat nice things. They too love to look at their best. Therefore, it is important to love them as how they will love themselves. Remember, Taurus will love you even through the toughest of time. So, when they say they care and they will not leave you, believe their words for it.










Once you have the heart of a Gemini, you will experience one of the deepest loves possible.

In their deepest heart, Gemini has a strong insecurity about love and requires a great deal of reassurance. But, once they are in love with you, Gemini-es will want to know all about you and respect the person you truly are. They will also love you in a unique way where it is tailor-made for you.









When a Cancer loves you, it is you and them against the World.

A Cancer will never give up his/her love for you even if the whole World asks them to. A Cancer is a natural giver of all things tender and heart-felt. They desire closeness and yearn to be able to tell themselves that “this person gets me” If you show a Cancer love and it is reciprocated, they will treat you like their center of the World.










Leos are sentimental people.

Leo loves very hard. They tend to hold onto love or damaged relationships longer than they should have. Once they have taken you into their hearts and life, you are theirs forever. Leo requires a lot of tender loving care. At the depth of their hearts, they long for someone or something special and irreplaceable.













Virgo loves from their hearts, deep inside.

A Virgo will show their dedication in so many ways, from the smallest details to things you won’t believe they would do for you. Remember, Virgo loves hard, so feelings die slowly. But, once they are dead, there is no resurrection.  All they want, is to be loved in return from how they loved you.










You are the only thing in a Libra’s head.

When a Libra loves you, he/she becomes addicted to you. Not in an obsessive way, but in a way that shows that you are everything to him/her. Libra will love you with all their heart and have the best intentions in the relationship. Remember, Libra requires just as much effort as they put in. They are very keen on the “give and take” aspect.













Scorpio loves till the end of time.

Emotions are always intense when Scorpio says “I Love You” because they won’t waste your time. When a Scorpio falls in love with you, you will not know what hit you and neither will they. They do not fall in love often. Remember, never let a Scorpio get away.












Sagittarius love is hard to duplicate.

Sagittarius love has the fire sign passion and excitement wrapped within a sweet romantic flair. Sagittarius is slow to commit and love the chase. Sagittarius that is genuinely in love is very sentimental to their lover with a huge loving heart.













Capricorn gives unselfish and unconditional love.

When you make a Capricorn not only feel loved but accepted for who they are, they open up in a way that is exclusive because they are selective. There’s nothing like a Capricorn’s love because it takes a while to earn it, so you become their everything. Remember, Capricorns remember every compliment and insult especially said by a loved one. So, be careful with words.













Aquarius prefers love with no boundaries.

There is nothing fake with Aquarius love; they give their all into a relationship. Aquarius love to give pleasure and do all the little things others may not take heed to. They need a companion who can help them get in touch with their most inner feelings and teach them to put the analyzing aside.













Pisces love with their whole heart.

Pisces have one of the purest of hearts. Do not hurt them. Understand them and they will love you forever. Falling in love with a Pisces is a beautiful thing. They can be a lot to deal with at times because of how strongly they feel and believe things. But, they are also ready, willing and able to show love abundantly. Remember, The love of Pisces is no ordinary love, and few know how to love like them.








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