Sep 04, 2016

The Guide to Saving Money in Wedding Preparation

The big question here: Are these expenses worth it for the life after your dream wedding?

Today, we share with you how we can help you save and stay within the budget you place aside. By engaging Te Planner, we understand your budget, recommend vendors (that will not break your budget), and help you achieve your dream wedding without the hassle of troubling your friends in the planning process and worrying that items are not checked off your list!


1) Wedding Date

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Now, this is one of the first biggie decisions that you will have to make. Why this is such an important component?

  1. Checking the auspicious compatibility of the date (if needed)
  2. Check the availability of the date with vendors (particularly, venue, photographer, and videographer, if needed)
  3. Understand how much time you have to save towards the big day (though, many times, you will be required to pay off a small deposit once you decided to engage the vendor, however, knowing how much time you have will allow you to better manage your finances.)
  4. To inform your bridal party, and have them book this date for you. Just in case, they have other plans like holding their own wedding in the same period of time. You will not want your best buddy to be absent from your wedding.

Now, how do we save money from choosing a wedding date? You can consider the following suggestions:

  • Try to avoid an extremely auspicious date that fits everyone. Dates like the Chinese Valentines’ Day, or even Valentines’ Day!
  • Try to avoid dates with beautifully crafted numbers. Example, 11 November 2011 or 1 February 2012.
  • Consider Sunday dinners or weekend lunches, which will be cheaper than a standard weekend dinner.


2) Budget

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Figure out how much you will be willing to save aside, after paying of the necessity every month. However, do maintain a buffer to the amount you save, buffers are great in times of emergency or a last minute arrangement that you could have missed out, like, renting a hotel room for a foreign relative.

After setting up a budget, work diligently within your budget. Prioritize the important components. Share the budget with your wedding planner, and explore ideas that fits both the theme you are looking for and yet does not require you to break any banks.


Why is this important?

  • You may be starting a marriage life with financial burdens if budgets are blown and requires you to loan monies from banks.
  • You may compromise your house renovations and moving plans if you intend to move into your new place after the wedding.



3) Venue

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It is a known fact that the venue of the wedding takes up the biggest percentage of the wedding budget. Nowadays, with more couples working within a budget, couples are “forced” to consider more edgy alternatives to hold their weddings, especially when hotels’ ballrooms are charged pretty pricey.

Some ideas for venue alternatives:

  1. Cafes that carries a meaning to you.
  2. Chinese restaurants.
  3. Booking a convention hall and hire F&B caterers (this might be a cheaper alternative to standard hotel ballrooms, however, it may not be the lowest cost alternative)
  4. Park weddings



4) Bridal Shop Packages

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Many couple would assume that signing up with a bridal shop will cross out majority of the list on the wedding list; however, it is also taking up a huge portion of the budget. How do we reduce the cost of engaging a bridal shop?

  1. Rent gowns instead of signing up for a package.
  2. Hire external photographers whom you are comfortable with their works instead of using a fixed photographer the bridal shop assign to you. You can also check out and compare photographer rates! Plus, you may even explore destination shoots which maybe way
  3. Design your own photobooks and albums instead of the fixed styles given by the bridal shop. This way, you will be able to put your personal touch into your wedding!


At Te Planner, we have vendors that provide bridal gowns for rent (150 & more different designs!), photographers that fits your budget and style, and, if needed, we can design your photo albums too! On top of these, you can look to saving at least 40% off the market-priced bridal packages.


Well, we definitely hope that the above suggestions can help you further on saving more for your dream wedding. To find out more on how Te Planner can assist and our packages available, contact us at or drop us a WhatsApp/message to 90691091. Quote TPSAVINGSand receive a 10% off our standard list price today!







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