Jul 20, 2016

Why You Should Hire A Wedding Planner

Thinking about tackling your big day all on your own? With so many moving parts involved in wedding planning, having someone by your side every step of the way can be a serious lifesaver. If you’re deciding whether or not a planner is for you, read on and give yourself a conclusion.

  1. Money Saver

Many couples think that hiring a wedding planner is only for those who have a lot of money, but that’s not the case! Wedding planners are an extremely wise choice for brides on a budget because they can actually help you save money.

Te Planner knows how to ensure that you are not overpaying your vendors for their services and helps you to cut cost in many ways. We have our own list of vendors (more coming soon), where we can ensure you a reasonable rate for their services.

  1. Wedding Pro

Are you currently working full time? Well if you’re planning your own wedding, then you’re adding another full-time job to your already busy life! Yup, that’s right – it’s that time-consuming!

Te Planner swoops in and helps you with time-consuming pieces like contacting and negotiating with vendors, stuffing wedding invitations, calming your nerves when you’re about to have that “bridezilla moment,” making each detail and design aspect you’ve envisioned come to life, and assuring each moving piece of your wedding day flows seamlessly. Also, we will help you manage your wedding timeline, where you and your fiancé can spend valuable time on getting yourselves prepared for your big day and more. With all your time freed up, you are now able to make bigger plans like your honeymoon, your house, and family planning (just saying).

  1. Creative Designer

A wedding planner is like having your own personal creative designer! You show us your ideas, themes, and Pinterest boards and we make them come to life. You’ve envisioned fresh floral and greenery draping above each reception table, yet you have no idea how to make that come to life. Well, no worries – that’s why you have hired an expert wedding planner!

Te Planner specializes in those personalized details and designs that you’ve always dreamed of and makes them reality. With our team of partnered vendors, sky is truly the limit in realizing your dreams.

  1. Things do go wrong at the last minute.

“The day before the wedding, the baker for our cake claimed they never received our order. That night while setting up the reception, we realized one table setting was missing, so we had to frantically call the decorator for extra chair decorations. Tiny things, but they were unnecessary and brought a general feeling of stress on a day my groom and I had planned to be lovely and relaxing. Someone to handle those details for us would have been amazing.” – Alexa


The above scenario can happen to anyone. Do not let it happen to you. Te Planner manages the hiccups, ensuring the smooth implementation of all aspects for your wedding.

A Happy Bride + A Happy Groom = The Perfect Wedding





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